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Registered Add Shenzhen, China
Brand eogosound
Established in 2005
  • EOGO Sound (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

  In the early 1980s, British Defense researchers found composite plate materials made a loud voice due to vibration by accident during the study of fighter engine noise reduction method, such as speakers. Built In Home Audio Speakers So the researchers came up with the composite plate material used to manufacture speakers, making sound by its smooth-shaking plane wave instead of the former spherical wave. In 1996, DML [distribute model technology] appeared which make the speaker much thinner even invisible, Built In House Speaker System and international award-winning.

  In 2005, EOGO R & D team started in-depth research of DML, wish to make a special invisible speaker Built In Bathroom Speakers can guarantee the sound effect of home theatre. In 2008, UK Enjoy Regius Audio International Limited established, and registered EOGO as its trademark in 2010. Then, EOGO developed the 5th generation invisible speaker which achieved many breakthroughs in basic material, drive principle, and shape design; especially the Polymeric Entrant-sound Fiber Powder which have been patented by EOGO, primarily to solve the problem that the wastage of sound quality caused by the conventional putty powder, then make the sound more real and shocked.

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